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Rama Malladi

RamaRama Malladi is an Application Engineer with the Software and Services Group at Intel in Bangalore. He works with various software developers and end-users, enabling their applications on the latest Intel platforms by addressing processor, platform, and software performance issues. Rama has been working at Intel since 2004 supporting Intel Software Tools, and tuning HPC, client, server applications. Rama has an MS degree from Univ. of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Jyotsna Khemka

Jyotsna KhemkaJyotsna is a Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel. She has got more than 13 years of work experience in software application development, applied research in parallel systems, parallel programming using multicore (OpenMP, MPI), many-core, use of accelerators in various domains including medical image processing, computational chemistry and computational fluid dynamics. She has a passion for optimizing & scaling real-world applications on large-scale parallel & distributed systems. In her current role, she is supporting customers in optimizing their applications on distributed platforms using Intel Cluster Tools. She is also actively involved in trainings in parallel computing and Intel Software Tools. She holds a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering from FAU, Germany